So much automation with so little effort simply integrated through RCS

Picture with hub, a phone and another phone
  • 1.Click

    Plug in your operator provided USB Home Stick into your Home Broadband Router (HBR) or connect directly through LTE-M

  • 2.Tick

    On IMS enabled devices supporting RCS Home Automation, simply activate the service when prompted, for tablets and PCs, download the app from a link provided to you by your operator.

  • 3.You're on with Home Stick!

    Your home automation devices will appear under the Devices tab. Easily switch between communicating with people under the Contacts tab, or home automation devices under the Devices tab - it's the same app as your RCS messaging app!

Pick your Stick.

Operators offer logo/color branded USB sticks supporting either ZigBee, Z-Wave or Bluetooth.

Flexible Options

Summit's RCS IoT Home Automation solution is available either through operator enabled RCS Home Broadband Routers or through the Summit RCS Home Hub connected via 3G/LTE or Wi-Fi, including support for Cat M1 and NB-IoT.

The Summit RCS Connected Home solution brings together telecom grade communication infrastructure and industry standard home automation protocols elevating Mobile IoT to the next level.

Alternative home automation solutions typically use best effort or over-the-top technology because it is initially simpler to distribute as downloadable apps, and can be developed independant of standards-based technology, resulting in a faster time to market. On the flip side, such services often result in proprietary, closed, black box solutions. Addtionally, it can be challenging for black box providers to scale and interoperate with related services as they often include proprietary elements for user identity, signalling, content streaming, etc. Summit RCS Connected Smart Home leverages an operator's existing IMS deployment through Rich Communicaton Services, enabling operator grade provisioning, security, voice and data services. This guarantees customers get quality of service through a unified communication provider.

Summit RCS Connected Smart Home is an extension of the carrier-grade IP services which are currently being deployed by telecom operators globally. IMS/RCS services offered by operators are designed to scale, and operate over regulated networks which provide QoS (Quality of Service). By extending RCS to support connected living functionality, Summit RCS Connected Smart Home leverages IMS-based services such as Provisioning, Capability Discovery, Security, Notification, Location and rich media capabilities supporting voice, video and data sharing sessions.

From a customer's perspective, simply Click, Tick and connect with Home Stick.